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Friday, May 6, 2016

The Captain's Sculpture, parts 136 - 139

136. This was the problem. I had become accustomed to making things that look so real and convincing, that anything else looks too simpleminded.

137. The sculpture classroom was full of student’s models of heads and nude figures that looked comical in their ineptitude.

138. Consider this: if you took some ink and a pen and did the most careful drawing of a leaf that you could create, and when you finished you simply inked up an actual leaf with a print roller, and printed it on the paper next to your drawing you would see the problem in an instant.

139. The print of the actual leaf will make the drawing of a leaf look inept. Perhaps it is that very ineptness that you want, well then good for you, because you will not have any problems, ineptness is easy to come by.

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