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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Buboni, Lost In The Woods, parts 188 - 191

Richard Britell May 31, 2012

188. Buboni's theory of 'Destructivism", has serious limitations however.  It was not a theory that could be applied to modern art.  Modern art, whose purpose is simply to be art, has no prior function to be divested of.  This was not a problem for Buboni because he was not interested in art created after 1900.

189.  The previous is the extent of the formal information I could find out about Buboni, and the rest of the information I found comes from several unreliable, even contradictory sources. First is the student newspaper at Cambridge, then several student blogs, and finally Buboni's own blog dealing strictly with art matters up until about a year ago, when it stops abruptly after several enigmatic and disturbing posts of a highly personal nature.

190. Just because Buboni was so highly regarded because of his fame does not mean that he was well liked by his colleagues, on the contrary they were envious of his fame, and jealous of his privileges. They had to treat him with caution and respect however, because his wit and his tongue made him a dangerous character.

191. He was in the habit of making off-hand casual comments which were then taken up by others, repeated and resulted in catastrophic damage to the careers of his associates.  Here is an example...

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