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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Chapter 4, Lost In The Woods, parts 180 - 183

Richard Britell May 29 2012

180. I knew the Duck did not steal the relic but what of Buboni?  He was just a hitch-hiker, with us because of the Duck's suggestion. He was obviously a highly educated person down on his luck and adrift in the world. I decided to google him, to see what I could find out.

181. Since Buboni was not a common name I was able to find a lot of information about him. Just two years previous he had been a professor of art history at Cambridge University. His position was an honorary one and he did no teaching or lecturing.  Simply because of his reputation he was provided with an income and a furnished faculty home, and in exchange Buboni allowed them to list his name in their catalogue as a professor art history.

182. This reputation of his was based on his numerous books and articles the most famous of which was his "Theory Of Art Historical Destructivism". I found a definition of his theory of destructivism in an on-line encyclopedia.

183. "Destructivism", Arnold Buboni's theory that an object is not considered a work of art until history has shed the object of its original intent or purpose. For example an altarpiece becomes art when it stops  being an object of religious devotion; a portrait of a king becomes art when we forget who the individual in the painting is. Therefore, the whole process of artistic appreciation is essentially a destructive one.

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