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Friday, June 3, 2016

The Captain's Sculpture, parts 240 - 243

240. “One needs to know something in order to take out a person’s gall bladder, but all poetry, just like all paintings, are just a matter of whatever some person feels like doing.” That is what he said, and that is what he thinks.

241. Have you ever been in the position of listening to an angry person’s denunciation of their spouse, and as you listen to the narration of events you can’t avoid the realization that you are entirely in agreement with the other party.

242. I felt a strong desire to come to the defense of the Good Doctor, and yet I was hard for me to admit that I strongly agreed with his ideas about painting and poetry.

243. “Certainly,” I said, “It you consider the great artists of the past, you can see clearly at a glance that they knew a great deal. But what about this?” I said, pointing to a poster on the wall of the sculpture studio.

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