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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

The Captains Sculpture, parts 264 - 267

264. On the contrary, I became even more severe, and even accusatory. I pointed out that her own work was not abstract in any way, and that she avoided scribbles and dripping paint in her paintings.

265. “If drips and smears are so important, and so creative, why do you go to the trouble of making sure nothing like that appears in your still life painting?”

266. “Why not just slobber all over the thing?” I concluded. I have to remind you however, that I was saying all of this, in a slightly angry tone; on the very day she had been informed that her painting had been rejected from the Detroit museum show.

267. Why was I being so mean to my instructor, what do you suppose was the force behind my comments? Even as I was speaking, I had to subject my actions to some analysis.

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