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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Faldoni, parts 2748 - 2751

 2748. The blood in the skin is of two colors, the blood with oxygen which is red, and that without oxygen which is blue-green. For flesh to be painted in a convincing way these blood colors have to show up in the paint film, and, if possible, not on the surface but underneath and showing through the surface paint in a translucent way. 

 2749. This biography of Faldoni has so far proceeded in a predictable way. It appeared that he was going to gradually pass through all the stages of an artist’s development beginning with the most mundane tasks, and working his way up little by little until he is taken seriously by the other students. 

 2750. As different problems arise Faldoni’s natural aptitude as an artist is gradually going to be noticed and then, at long last we expect that he will become famous and renowned, and his name will be placed among all those other Italian artists of that period whose names invariably ended in i and o. 

2751. We expect that after a long life of the successful execution of commissions he will work for various Popes, and certain other Dukes, Counts, and other nobility of the times. Years later we expect that his paintings in various stated of repair or restoration will still be studied and commented on in journals devoted to the art of the time.

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