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Friday, February 7, 2014

Faldoni, parts 2756 - 2759

  2756. Some church dignitary might say, for example, “Look here Master Painter, you have painted all of these window casings as though they protrude from the surface of this building. But look at this cornice, it casts no shadow even though all of the others do.”

 2757. And the painter, confronted with his oversight might reply, “Oh yes, this window was damaged in an earthquake, and when the mason’s repaired it they made the casing flush with the wall surface, and that is the reason it casts no shadow.”

 2758. Or yet again a connoisseur or art might point out to the painter “Look at this fruit tree Master Painter. It is laden with yellow pears and yet, down here in the corner the tree seems to be putting forth branches with apples and even a few cherries, how do you account for this mistake.”

2759. And the Master painter might reply, without batting an eye, “Oh yes, this very tree can be found in the monastery’s gardens, on which apples and cherries have been grafted onto a pear tree.”

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