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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Faldoni, parts 2828 - 2831

 2828. When I did the Brinkenhoff family they wanted the daughter’s horse in the background, and God forbid I should accidentally leave out the white star in the horse’s forehead. The entire family was in the studio when I was done looking at the horse with a magnifying glass. I wonder why it was they were so concerned about the horse, and those two cats of theirs, and hardly looked at their portraits at all?

 2829. I have to admit however that there is nothing more distressing and impossible than these God awful family portraits. There is only one thing worse, and that is portraits of extremely important old business geezers with their goiters in their three piece suits.

 2830. On the other hand, perhaps in the future artists like myself will no longer be called on to paint the portraits of rich families and their pets. That would leave us free to paint the pictures we have always wanted to paint. And the great thing about painting the pictures I have always wanted to paint is that if it is some historical subject no camera picture can compete with it.

2831. And if the image is from the imagination, there again the camera is no threat unless they develop a really novel sort of machine that can take pictures inside your head. I do not think this is likely, but one never knows.

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