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Friday, August 2, 2013

Michelangelo Buys Figs, parts 1904 - 1907

904. The first of these is language, and the second of these is images, and the eradication of the images makes about as much sense as the eradication of the use of language.
*Sash, -straw blowing around in the breeze.

1905. And, as a matter of fact, there have always been those who would ostracize the art of language as well as the art of images, all you need to do is consider the crazy idea of vows of silence so popular among religious fanatics. What is a vow of silence in the first place? It is an attack on the idea of the usefulness language. A vow of silence makes as much sense as a vow of blindness.

1906. To complete the idea of a vow of silence after we have  added to it a vow of blindness, we should really proceed to a vow of not smelling anything as well, because the nose is often very instrumental in leading a lost soul into perdition. A holy man should be blindfolded, have a clothespin on his nose, and never say anything at all. That is the ideal situation for him.

1907. But we are ignoring a very important sense and a dangerous one, the sense of touch. The sense of touch will have to go the way of speech and seeing, as well as smelling. How we are going to get rid of the sense of touch I am not sure, probably some big mittens will do, but one might still start paying attention to the feel of the inside of the gloves themselves.

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