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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Snare Of The Fowler, parts 1968 - 1971

1968. One last anecdote deserves mention also, and it is about Giotto. It is said that when he was an apprentice he painted a fly on his master’s painting, and the master tried repeatedly to brush it away. Some critics of Vasari use this incident to prove that Vasari was not accurate, because the same incident is referred to in ancient literature pertaining to another apprentice and master from a former time.

1969. On the contrary, the fact that it can be shown to have happened at an earlier date goes to show how accurate Vasari is, because he too was an apprentice at one time, and therefore knows that flies have been painted on master’s paintings for time immoral, ending only once painting became irrelevant, and there were no more masters nor apprentices in this world.

1970. “About Michelangelo and Indaco,” said Aunt Jemima. “They were good friends, and then their friendship ended because of a misunderstanding. Later the two of them got back together, and as we listened to this story I am positive that every one of us was relieved that their disagreement was resolved. I think there is an instinctive desire we all have to see associations continue and not dissolve. It doesn’t really matter how long ago the story may have taken place, we still feel an anxiety when husband is separated from wife, mother from son, and friend from friend.”

1971. In actual life we also want to see arguments ended, conflicts resolved, and misunderstandings cleared up, and even though the situation has nothing to do with us, still we suffer anxiety when separations threaten to last forever. And if separations are going to last forever, we want to know for a fact that this is so. I am sure you agree with me Professor Duck. And so before you say even another word about Vasari, Michelangelo, or Giotto, I want to know if the blacksmith’s boy ever sees Otis again even if it is many years later. So, if you know what has happened to them please tell us. 

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