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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Snare Of The Fowler, parts 2012 - 2015

 2012. This discrepancy of value did not affect the cheaper bird’s attitudes toward the expensive ones simply because they didn’t understand the distinction. A sparrow was not in any way impressed that a certain sort of rare finch would sell for two grams of ultramarine blue pigment.  To a sparrow a Goulian Finch was just another sparrow with very outlandish taste in clothing. 

 2013. The reason the birds were all talking economics that morning as Otis listened to them was because now that they were being put up for sale the economic situation of the time had a direct bearing of their fate. The question was, would they be sold as pets, taken home and made much of, or would they be pushed into an oven along with some bread and made into a bird sandwich.

 2014. This was a legitimate concern of both the sparrows and the pigeons even though they were relatively cheap. Poor people often will eat birds whenever they can get a hold of them, but they are just as likely to put them in cages, grow fond of them, and finally go into debt and practically bankrupt themselves bringing the poor birds over and over again to a veterinarian because the poor thing is plucking out its feathers. 

2015. There was one bird not in a cage and not participating in the discussion and that was the rooster, Otis’ rooster.  The rooster once made famous by the sketch in which they confront each other in a ring and the rooster drives Otis into a corner where he has to beg in mock terror for his life. How prophetic that skit was they had no idea at the time.

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