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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Snare Of The Fowler, parts 1996 - 1999

1996. I think not. There sufferings are like the sufferings of the three stooges in our time, a suffering we only want to laugh at, a suffering which becomes more and more comic the more hopeless the situation becomes. They will be all right in the end. Though they are stupid, they will live to a ripe old age because God loves such characters and likes to keep them around as long as possible;  if God has a sense of humor, which obviously he must have, considering the things he has been doing.

 1997. Later that day Otis awoke to find himself bound and gaged in the back of a large canvas covered wagon which was being pulled by two horses. In the dim light the canvas admitted to the interior of the wagon Otis could see thirty or forty bird cages of all shapes and sizes which were thrashing back and forth with the motions of the wagon.

 1998.  The poor birds were in the middle of an intense argument amongst themselves the subject of which was difficult to make out because before a bird could finish a sentence the  wagon would hit a rut in the road and the said bird would be thrown from his perch violently to the bottom of his cage. Added to this was the fact that the birds seemed to be trying to talk all at once, like drunken conspirators at a secret political gathering before a revolution.

1999. Even when the wagon came to a halt for a short while Otis could hardly figure out what the argument was about with all the screeching going on at once, and even if they had been able to speak one at time, which as you know, is completely against their nature, Otis was unfamiliar with the various dialects.

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