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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Rounder Than The O, parts 1912 - 1915

 1912. Well, I had no idea how my question would affect the good professor. It took several seconds for him to take in my question, and then, as a result, he just opened and closed his mouth a few times as if to say something but no words came out of him.

 1913. “Professor Buboni is going to have a difficult time with that question because the answer to it is, all that he has said about Michelangelo and Indaco so contradicts his precious theory of destructivism as to make it appear foolish.” Said the Duck.

1914. The Duck proceeded to trash Buboni and his theory, and the professor sat by and listened to him, saving up his ire for later and preparing a defense in the back of his overheated brain. The Duck continued, “We often find in this world people who claim to think a certain way, they present arguments and propound a thesis, and yet, when we examine them carefully we often find that they not only do not believe what they have been saying, but positively abhor their own ideas.

1915. You may remember when I was talking to you about the existentialists in that business called “Camus Crosses the Street.” What I was trying to explain back then was that Camus propounded a philosophy that existence is meaningless. But what my title implied was that, though he may have though existence had no meaning, still he would have looked both ways before crossing the street.

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