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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Marie Antoinette Eats Cake, parts 685 - 688

685. If you have been reading my story then you know that I am hardly a real writer, and the task of describing Marie Antoinette's new music tutor is beyond my humble abilities, so I have to resort to using a clip from a movie. In the movie Babette's Feast one can see a music teacher who looks and acts just like Marie's music tutor, and not only that, but you can see him singing a Mozart duet with his pupil. That is the sort of person the music tutor was.

686. He was a big hearted generous easygoing man without an angry bone in his body, and he had been given the job  which would lead inevitably to his young charge being punished. He would not have to inflict the punishment himself, but that did not matter to him, just the fact that he was going to be responsible for the child's punishment was unacceptable to him.

687. He set to work with all his skills to teach Marie to play a Bach fugue, but he ran into an insurmountable problem from the first moment.  Marie hated the music of Bach just like her mother the Empress. "I don't want to play any of this stonmitz", shouted little Marie when she saw the Bach fugue on her clavichord. "Take this away you katunz, I will not play it." she shouted, pounding her little fists on the keyboard.

688. "Now Marie," said the music tutor, "please watch your tongue, what would the Empress think if she heard you using dirty words like that, she would not be pleased" " My mother is just a stupid old 'flombat' shouted Marie in a fury. (Flombat was a peasant word meaning an old cow that no longer gives any milk.)

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