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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Marie Antoinette Eats Cake, parts 729 - 732

729. When they were nine they had another argument about a dress, it was Marie's dress, and Angela criticized it. On that occasion they did not speak for two days and Marie thought she would die of grief. Marie Antoinette was an 'archdutchess' so it was an impossibility for her to be the one to apologize first.

730. Marie held out for two full days but finally she decided that she would rather sign a document renouncing her royal prerogatives rather than go even one more hour without her friend, but she did not have to give in because Angela rushed up to her in tears at the last instant, and they became friends again. This day was ever after referred to as that 'day of the dress' also never to be repeated.

731. One of the reasons the two girls had such a perfect friendship had to do with some accidents of their situations. Marie Antoinette was the superior child in that she was the daughter of the Emperor and Empress of Austria, an archduchess already being considered for the position of Queen of France, whereas Angela was a nobody.

 732. Angela was the more beautiful child and also more intelligent.  Her character sparkled with charm, and at a young age she was capable of spontaneous wit and droll humor.  Angela, was really the one suited to be a future queen, and not Marie; they both knew this and so, in their hearts each was intensely jealous of the other, this flaw was the cement of their attachment to each other. Actually they were rivals

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