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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Marie Antoinette Eats Cake, parts 713 - 716

713. After Latin and Greek came reading and writing class with her tutor Martin Schoingowen. Poor Martin had to resort to imitating Marie's crabbed hand writing and forging all the essays she was supposed to have written of ancient history, because Marie hardly was able to write even her own name correctly. 

714. Marie had an hour after lunch when she was free to do what ever she wanted. This time was spent with her best and only friend, a girl named Angela. Angela was the same age as Marie Antoinette, and the daughter of one of her ladies in waiting.

715. After eating lunch Marie and Angela would race down the long hallways of the palace, down several flights of stairs and into the kitchens where every day food was prepared for thousand of people by a staff of hundreds of cooks and attendants.

716. It is impossible to imagine or describe a royal kitchen at the time of Marie Antoinette's childhood in Austria. It was a room the size of a football field, alive with activity. At the far end its huge doors were open to the outside world all year round, and outside long lines of carts were lined up waiting to deliver their goods.

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