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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Marie Antoinette Eats Cake, parts 737 - 740

737. They looked upon these peasant children in the same way that a pampered and coddled pedigree poodle who has his own diamond necklace would look at a wild wolf somewhere in the distance.

738. This then was the situation when the music tutor began to teach the two girls each afternoon in a large room devoted to music. This room was actually a music hall complete with a stage suitable for the giving of music concerts and also the performance of plays. 

739. A child of ten was no different in 1750 as at any other time in human history. They had an easygoing indulgent music teacher as so, just like today, they set to work to torment, abuse and ridicule him without him knowing it, all the while acting the part of complete innocents.

740. The first thing the music tutor had to do when the music lesson began was to tune the music room harpsichord. This was a very fine instrument but the temperature it the huge room varied so much that every day the instrument was completely out of tune.

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