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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Vivaldi, parts 753 - 756

753. "It becomes clear as the story unfolds", the Duck replied, " I will tell you this much, each person who has ever lived has often longed to be something other than what they are. A princess wishes she could be a milkmaid, the dentist wishes he had been a sculptor. The housewife wonders what life could be like as a high paid escort, and the accountant wished he was a heavy-weigh contender. That is the meaning of the French Easel, the longing to be something other than what you are.

754. This desire we experience to have a life other than the one we have been given strikes at a moment when we are most vulnerable, when we are far from home, divorced from all the mundane predictability of our everyday life.

755. It strikes the traveler on a plane crossing the ocean, as they awake from a fitful slumber and see out the window for the first time the coasts of Europe far below in the early morning light. It strikes the tourist in the islands looking at coral in the depths of blue water. Even children are not immune to the sensation, hiding in the bushes close to a train track as a freight train passes by.  

756. And coming back to Marie Antoinette, from a very early age she was aware that her entire life had been planned out by others even before she was born, she had been put on board a train by those who loved her the most, and its destination was the worst possible disaster. She was on Anna Karenina's train even though the train had not been invented yet.

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