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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Marie Antoinette Eats Cake, parts 725 - 728

725. Angela began to attend the music lessons, and so it is necessary to say something about this child, playmate and close friend to one who would  someday be the most famous queen in history. Angela was also a child of a noble family although her line of the family had long fallen into near destitution. Her father was a Count or a Duke, I am not sure what, but the connection was distant and unimportant.

726. Angela's father because of his poverty was reduced to teaching the children of other noble families, his speciality was diction, deportment, and part acting. The only reason his wife was a lady in waiting at the court of the Empress was because of her exceptional beauty. Her daughter Angela was also blessed with the same beautiful face, and perfect deportment, learned from her father's instruction.

727. The attachment of Angela for Marie Antoinette, and Marie Antoinette for Angela was  very intense and had existed undisturbed since they met when they were five years old. Now they were ten and had spent some time together every day with almost no exceptions.

728. Once when they were seven they had an argument about a doll, and did not speak to each other for an entire day. On the following day they made up and then spent a long time each trying to force the other to take the doll. This argument left a scar, and ever after the two of them referred to it as that 'day of the Doll'. A thing it was hoped would never be repeated.

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