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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Coromo in New York, parts 1671 - 1674

1671. Coromo had discovered this idea all by himself, just as surely as Robinson Crusoe had discovered how to build a house from scratch. He had stumbled onto the nature of the beast out of coincidence or necessity.

1672. And yet it had not dawned on him that Koromo and Coromo were one and the same person; he had not understood it yet, although Proctor Cronk knew all along, and was just entertaining himself at Coromo’s expense.

1673. “I think you are absolutely correct about that,” said Proctor, “it is another example of the story about Joseph Beuy’s being a Nazi pilot in the Second World War.” “Yes, exactly,” replied Coromo, pretending that he knew who Joseph Beuys was.

1674. The next day Proctor Cronk departed from the resort for home but not before leaving a note for Coromo at the sign-in desk. This is what his note said. “Dear Coromo, I enjoyed talking to you about your paintings and I think you should take a little time to research the work of the New York artist Koromo, you will find all of his work very interesting.”

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