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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Proctor Cronk at Syracuse, parts 1731 - 1734

1731. To those in possession of the salvage yards however, their personalities do not appear distorted, on the contrary it is the rest of so called normal society that exists in an obviously distorted state, this they can see clearly from spending a lifetime sorting through their junk.

1732. Proctor drove his clunking 1954 Plymouth into the salvage yard, parked in front of the office which was a tar paper shack, walked in to a room full of all types of fantastic junk, and asked how much he could get for his car.

1733. The owner of the yard had his back to Proctor, and was cleaning a small metal object with a cloth. The object was the hood ornament of a 1934 Hudson. The junkyard man said, not turning around, “Why do you want to sell it?” “Because the engine is shot,” said Proctor. “No it’s not,” replied the yardman. “How do you know that?” Asked Proctor.

1734. The yardman did not reply, but turned around in his chair displaying his face that looked like a roasted chestnut. He stood up and asked Proctor to start the car up. Proctor did as his was told, and opened the hood for good measure. The yardman stood by the side of the car with his head cocked to the side, and after a few moments asked Proctor to leave the car running and to open the trunk.
Richard Britell

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