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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Proctor Cronk At Syracuse, 1743 - 1746

 1743. Added to that was the fact that the junkyard man kept smiling at him in a friendly way exhibiting his dark yellow teeth with numerous gaps and those gaps between the Yardman crooked teeth kept reminding Proctor that the Yardman knew a great many things, and he was studying journalism and so knew nothing about anything.

1744. “Am I to understand that nothing you have is for sale unless the person wanting to buy it is the exact right person, who needs the thing he buys in a certain way to your express satisfaction?” Asked Proctor. Put in this way the Yardman relented a little and invited Proctor to look inside his office and see if there was some other hood ornament he would like to buy, as the one he had been working on was already taken.

1745. Proctor was 22 at the time he encountered this eccentric salvage yard man, and even though he was young he knew that there were people who were unable to part with things and were always engaged in enlarging their personal collections of quasi valuable junk. If you make attempts to purchase these broker’s wares they always find a reason not to sell; and often in the process will start raising the price to exorbitant levels.

1746. Proctor entered the Yardman’s office to see what he could find of interest and began to look over a seemingly infinite assortment of objects. It was not possible to get a good look at anything because some other thing leaning against it obscured every object

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