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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Coromo in New York, parts 1675 - 1678

1675. A small gallery off the beaten track, somewhere in the Village, sells his works. The dealer specializes in self-taught and outsider works. Koromo’s paintings sell for between seven thousand and ten thousand dollars.  I can’t recall the name of the gallery that sells his things but you will find it if you search for Koromo on Google. Good luck with your paintings and I look forward to seeing you again on my next vacation.

1676. Coromo did as Mr. Cronk suggested and very soon found himself in possession of very startling and upsetting information. All of the images he found on the Google search under the name Koromo were his own paintings. Unfortunately the images had been made with a phone camera and were not of a good quality. He could find neither the signature or the date or anything else about the images except that they were to be found in a gallery in the New York somewhere. There was a web site but no address.

1677. What Coromo was unable to find was the name of the galley connected with the works being sold by the so-called artist Koromo.

1678. Before we proceed with describing the predicament Coromo found himself in we are going to have to explain certain things you might not be aware of. When you or I hear the phrase “His works are in a small gallery in the Village,” a certain image comes to mind. We picture an art gallery, but not the sort you find in Chelsea, or in So-Ho.

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