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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Coromo In New York, parts 1723 - 1726

1723. Aldo did not actually do the framing himself, he selected the stock and the mats for his clients and then farmed out the work to a framer who was a friend of his.

1724. It was at his framers that Aldo discovered and purchased the Coromo pictures for one hundred dollars each. The pictures were very transformed and even Coromo himself would not have recognized them at first. Other than changing the overall tint, the framer also changed the signature to a K from a C, so that a connection to the original Coromo would be more difficult.

1725. It was not these dark brown paintings that Coromo looked at on the Internet, but photographs taken by Tallulah that she posted to her blog, and then never got around to removing after she discarded the pictures. She took the pictures with her phone, so it was impossible to distinguish the signature, or the date.

1726. The question arises, how did Proctor Cronk realize that the paintings by Coromo at the resort where the same works as the ones he bought from Aldo? To answer that question we have to go back to the very first pictures Proctor Cronk ever purchased when he was a student at Syracuse University studying journalism in their world famous Journalism department.

Richard Britell
June , 17, 2013

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