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Friday, June 7, 2013

Coromo In New York, parts 1679 - 1682

1679. The galleries you find in the village are usually smaller and more apartment like. They tend to be one of a kind establishments on streets without other galleries. Of course Proctor did not say if he was talking about the East or the West village, so we have that unanswered question.

1680. But for Coromo the words gallery and village had no such implications. A village is a village, and he knew exactly what a village was. “Apparently,” he thought, “somewhere in New York City there is some sort of village.” How that could be possible he had no idea since he did have a distinct idea of New York City.

1681. Now, about this word “gallery,” Coromo had almost no idea in the world what that word could mean. He was only acquainted with the shooting gallery of the annual fair and circus the set up near the resort. In his mind there was no connection between the word “gallery,” and the word “paintings.” So when he searched the Internet for the images of Koromo, he did not know what exactly he was looking for.

1682. What he was able to find were the images of three of his paintings from the set of six the had been done to be a gift for the sisters, in other words, his very first paintings from two years ago. He had done a great many paintings since the time of those first works and he had practically forgotten about them. He had very mixed feelings about the paintings: seeing them again after such a long time.

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