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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Stendhal's Syndrome, parts 4812 - 4815

 4812. The forgoing was an excerpt from this unknown man's diary, written, as you know, when he was in Rome. I have told you about the concert, where he struggled to be moved emotionally but felt numb, and later burst into tears over a beggar girl singing on the train.

 4813. Then I quoted a passage of his description of some supposed malady of his that he described as, "Everything having the exact same degree of importance" for him.

 4814. Now I am gong to come out and say what I think was going on in him at this time, and you can correct me if you think that I am wrong. I think he suspected that his wife, if she was his wife, was having an affair, or wanted to have an affair, and this fact was destroying him emotionally.

 4815. Just how important is it when couples fall in love, or when they separate, I ask you in all seriousness. Compare some love affair that happens some place in the world to, lets say, the Civil War, or Napoleon's invasion of Russia, or the Russian revolution? Do those insignificant love affairs ever really matter?

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