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Saturday, July 11, 2015

Stendhal's Syndrome, parts 4824 - 4827

 4824. Now that I have told you what I think was happening to the man, I will continue with some of the more interesting passages in his diary. I will write out the most indicative passages, and you can draw your own conclusions about his predicament. He went to an art exhibit in Rome held at the train station and this happened apparently in the afternoon of the day of the concert. He writes...

 4825. Now it was time to go to Termini, that famous building of ill repute, immense and repulsive, but full of life like one of the huge whores in a Fellini film. Strange things awaited me there.

 4826. I have never seen a space quite like the third floor of the Termini building, where the exhibition was. The proportions of everything were huge. The construction was done under Mussolini and the style of the furnishings remind one of a Marks brothers film, in that they are as modern as things could be in the forties.

4827. There were endless corridors, dusty and quiet, in which one found enormous bathrooms, small libraries, and waiting rooms obviously no longer in use. These places force one to imagine important dignitaries from foreign countries coming on state visits. 

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