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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Stendhal's Syndrome, parts 4836 - 4839

 4836. We have no Chelsea here in Rome as you do in New York. So we have no pot to cook our art in. I was pleased when they chose my Termini building for this exhibit.

 4837. This building is a city in itself and you could put ten Chelsea's in it with room to spare. If I were still alive it would only be a short while and then by decree you would see something really important happening here in Termini. This is what Rome needs; Rome needs a Chelsea more than anything."

 4838. Here he stopped and looked at me as if he wondered what I thought of his idea, and when I didn't respond he continued. 

 4839. " You know, I've heard that Chelsea is becoming just shops and boutiques now, like So Ho, or the Spanish Steps. You think that nothing will happen here, that we Italians cannot get anything done, it takes a dictator..." all of a sudden he stopped again and looked distractedly away into the distance.

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