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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The Beggar's Daughter, parts 4784 - 4787

 4784. From Crime and Punishment," In a strong and rather agreeable voice, cracked and coarsened by street singing, she sang in hope of getting a copper from the shop. 

 4785. Dostoevsky: Raskolnikov joined two or three listeners, took out a five copeck piece and put it in the girl’s hand. She broke off abruptly on a sentimental high note, shouted sharply to the organ grinder “Come on,” and both moved on to the next shop.

 4786. I felt strangely elated that I had seen something, for a moment, through Fyodor Mikhailovich's eye. 

 4787. This is how the diary entry in the sketchbook ended. It provided me with one of the only clues to the identity of the writer, and the time and place of the events. There happens to be an Anglican Church one block from the Via Del Corso, and I assumed that must have been the location of the Corelli concert they attended.

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