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Friday, July 3, 2015

Stendhal's Syndrome, parts 4792 - 4795

 4792. He appears in these writings to be a man of some knowledge of the arts, so much so, that he had perhaps reached the point of actual boredom with culture. He wrote down his observations as one who has seen "this kind of thing," a thousand times before, even when the museum fare was strange and unusual.

 4793. Such a man is not good company in a tour of a museum, lacking, because of an excess of familiarity with art, the wonder and astonishment that are so much a part of what the art experience is to people like you and I, who are new to the subject.  Here is what he has to say about an exhibition in Rome.

 4794. I wanted to write about the Quadriennale in Rome. It is a huge show that claims to survey all the important work going on in Italy right now, and other related movements elsewhere in the world. It is an important international exhibition.

 4795. I was unable to do so, however, to the extent that I desired due to the return of a malady I've had for several years now. This illness I have is a variation of Stendhal's syndrome, that condition he described when he became delirious from looking at too much art in Florence.

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