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Saturday, March 26, 2016

The Captain's Sculpture 17 - 20

17. She was unsure of herself however in doing this, and put them forward as an alternative choice, or something to do in addition to the clay models they were working on.


18. As I mentioned before, there were six of these students in our class of eight, and I have to apologize to you my reader, and also to those men because I have described them as if they were all simply various versions of the exact same person. I will admit that they all looked the same and seemed to always speak with the same tone of voice.


19. The little clay models they worked on were all so similar that it sometimes happened that when we all returned from our break, they were unsure what sculpture belonged to what policeman. Almost all of them opted to give up what they were working on, so as to start in casting from molds.


20. I say, “almost all of them,” because there was one individual who declined to give up on him clay model, which we now noticed was actually quite advanced. How it was that we had all overlooked what he had been doing can only be explained as an example of the extreme prejudice Mrs. Festini had toward these men, a prejudice which I must confess I shared.

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