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Thursday, March 24, 2016

The Captian's Sculpture 9- 12

 9. They came to the class prepared with photographs torn from hunting magazines. Mrs. Festini was deeply upset about this unexpected development. She was unable to reconcile the student’s profound love for the subject matter combined with the desire to kill and eat it. This seemed to be a perverse contradiction, but she did her best to conceal her consternation.

 10. If you remember, the first project we did in the class was the plaster cast of our hand. The civil servants in the class got through this project only because Mrs. Festini promised then they could begin on their deer as soon as it was completed. 

 11. The men began on their projects with intense concentration and their interest did not flag for several consecutive Saturday sessions, but then, at a certain point, for some reasons they could never fathom, they found that their little sculptures look strangely like crippled fat dogs, or deformed cows.

 12. They struggled along under the delusion that the addition of antlers would solve the problem, but the antlers, created with the help of a wire armature, only made things worse and yet more absurd.

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