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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The Captain's Sculpture 5 - 8

 5. It was often her habit to use words like ‘pivotal’ and ‘seminal’ when trying to get us to understand why some piece of sculpture was so important. We would have taken her word for anything, since she was the expert, and we knew nothing at all, but I think she organized the trip because of the flagging interest in her Saturday afternoon classes at the museum.

6. We started out with twelve students in the first session, but by the fourth week the class had dwindled to five. It was summer, so what did she expect. When Saturday afternoon came around, most of our classmates wanted to go to the lake, and, as I mentioned before, several members were policeman and firemen, wanting college credits to add to their professional resumes.

7. They knew that Mrs. Festini would never fail anyone, so all they really had to do was sign up. Still, they always managed to attend at least a few of the classes, perhaps out of a feeling guilt.

8. It was my suspicion that they would just go through the motions of making sculpture in an absentminded way, but I was wrong about that. All of the firemen and policemen in the class were hunters, and they all expressed the desire to “make a sculpture”, of a deer, specifically a buck with antlers.

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