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Sunday, March 27, 2016

The Captain's Sculpture parts 21 - 24

21. It was her opinion that they all had no artistic ability, and more that that, she saw their attempts to craft these little statues of deer as some sort of a perverted blood lust related to “murdering innocent animals.” 


22. I could see that, in her mind, there was no difference between going into the woods and shooting a deer, and taking a little puppy and choking it to death; or even a kitten. In short, she had no tolerance for the idea of hunting, and it was all she could do to suppress her aggravation with the situation.

23. And don’t try telling Mrs. Festini that the bacon she ate in the morning was the result of the murdering of innocent pigs, that sort of argument would be pointless since she was a vegetarian, and the daughter of vegetarians.

24. Mrs. Festini was not the sort of woman who could entertain the idea that there could ever be any justification for some opposing point of view about any sort of topic. Where did her conviction about her opinions come from? I suppose it was a sort of vanity that many artistic individuals suffer from.

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