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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The Captain's Sculpture, parts 33 - 36

 33. The class lasted three hours, and at the mid-point we took a break and sat around drinking coffee and talking, but the captain never left his spot in the studio, and continued working intently on his sculpture.

 34. Soon we became aware that it was not just his seriousness about his work that prevented him from joining in on our breaks, from passing comments we could see that he did not get along with the other civil servants.

 35. Something must have happened long ago in the city administration, something like a promotion denied, or a reprimand, that left a permanent rupture in the Captain’s relationship with the others. 

36. One day Mrs. Festini asked the other policemen about him, and the painful silence that followed her innocent question was the only explanation I can offer you, as to why he seemed to be such an outcast.

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