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Thursday, March 31, 2016

The Captain's Sculpture, parts 37 - 40

37. To Mrs. Festini’s great disappointment, all the students, even the more serious ones wanted to switch over to casting molds and painting them with acrylics. As the class went on, it was just myself and the Captain that continued working in clay. 

38. I tried several times to make a female figure, about a foot high, but it was a hopeless idea. It was not as bad as the clay lumps with antlers, but somehow, my failed figure, was even worse.

39. You could have compared my female clay figure to those drawings you see on the walls of public bathrooms, only enlarged and made three-dimensional.

40.It is really astounding how difficult it is to craft a shape in clay that you think you understand completely, that you can visualize from every direction, only to discover that you not only can't do it, but you can’t even grasp what is going wrong.

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