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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The Beggar's Daughter, parts 4780 - 4783

 4780. Several people came up to me on the station platform to see if I was all right. I calmed down. I said, “My mother has recently died, that is why I am crying like this, but never mind".

 4781. People seemed to accept my explanation with sympathy, and a few minutes later we boarded another train. Later, in the hotel, I looked up the passage in "Crime and Punishment," that this incident had reminded me of. Here is what I found, on the first page of Part 2, chapter 6:

 4782. From "Crime And Punishment:" From old habit he took his usual walk in the direction of the Hay Market. A dark-haired young man with a barrel organ was standing in the road in front of a little general shop and was grinding out a very sentimental song.

4783. From "Crime And Punishment:" He was accompanying a girl of fifteen, who stood on the pavement in front of him. She was dressed up in a crinoline, a mantle and a straw hat with a flame-colored feather in it, all very old and shabby.

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