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Monday, November 11, 2013

Faldoni, parts 2404 - 2407

 2404. But even the plastering Faldoni was not allowed to do at first because the plaster is the ground of the fresco painting, and its surface must be rendered perfectly smooth, a task difficult for even a master mason. There was also the first base coat of rough cast plaster to be applied but this was also considered too difficult for Faldoni so his job turned out to be the mixing of the sand and the lime together in a huge tub with a garden hoe.

 2405.  Mixing the plaster up for the masons was exactly like working in the garden so Faldoni was quite in his element.  All day long Faldoni worked at has task, pouring two parts of sand, and adding one part of lime to his trough and then mixing it up with the hoe.

 2406. After an hour or so of this mixing, he shoveled all the mortar into a wheelbarrow and brought it to the masons who managed to use it all up in almost no time, so that from morning till night there was not a moment to take a little rest. 

2407. When the days work was done Faldoni was so tired he started to nod in the act of eating his evening oatmeal, and then fell asleep in his corner so soundly that it was hard to wake him in the morning after a dreamless sleep. Everyone was working feverishly at the church decorations in preparation for the high holy days when someone from Rome was supposed to pay a visit to the convent.

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