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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Faldoni, parts 2416 - 2419

 2416. First sections of the drawings where placed upon the wall and while they were held in place someone would press through the paper with a tool to engrave the important lines into the fresh plaster. 

 2417. After the drawing was transferred to the plaster the paper was removed and the artists began to paint all the section at once. They were all sort of piled up one over the other, the best painters doing the arms and legs of the figures, the beginners doing the skies and hills.

 2418. The more experienced apprentices would be painting the birds, animals, trees and foliage and the great master himself, when all was ready, approached the work to paint in the faces. Only the faces would the master painter execute, all the rest was filled in by the helpers like some gigantic paint by numbers masterpiece. 

2419. Faldoni, suffering from boredom, asked the other assistants so many questions about the work that they suggested to the master that he be given some other time consuming meaningless task to keep him busy. So the master set him to work to grind up the pigments for the various colors in use on the project.

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