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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Grandmother, parts 2384 - 2387

 2384. The certificate had no effect on Coromo what-so-ever. Since he had never seen it before it struck him as a work of fiction, or even some kind of dumb forgery created as a joke. But the fact of the matter was, the certificate indicated that he was an American citizen, because of his parentage.

 2385. He understood from the stamps, the dates, and the signatures that it was a legal document, and so, at one stroke the complex question of how to get on a plane to New York was solved in an instant.

 2386. Sometimes passenger planes are not fully booked when the date of departure approaches. When this happens the airline companies will often offer discounts of up to fifty percent. Not only that but Coromo discovered that if he was willing to travel with hardly any luggage, he could sell his checked baggage to a currier company, thus reducing his fee still further. 

2387. So he purchased a half priced courier ticket, round trip to New York, to return in seven days. The cost was almost the exact amount, coincidentally, of his grandmother’s gift, give or take a few cents. This suspicious omen was not lost on Coromo.

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