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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Faldoni, parts 2452 - 2455

 2452. After this he would cut up the big drawing into sections, planning each piece of the work according to how much wall he wanted to plaster and paint in any one given session of work. Then he would be ready to start.

 2453. The above is how fresco painting is done. It is not the method for oil painting, and it is of no use for watercolor, it as not to be considered when doing a work in egg tempera either. Only the art of fresco painting has these elaborate steps, and this is the reason hardly anyone has done it for hundreds of years. 

 2454. All of these preparatory steps could not be attempted by Faldoni for the simple reason that he had no paper, and no way to procure any. Back then in 1290, you could not go to the store and buy a pad of a hundred sheets of pure rag paper for a few ducats. And besides, even if you could Faldoni did not have any ducats.

2455. There was no such thing as leftover paper, because paper was too valuable to waste. The cut off sections of the big drawings used for the mural decorations were dried out, flattened and stored, and then cut up to be used by the apprentices for preliminary drawings.

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