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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Faldoni, parts 2412 - 2415

 2412. Looking over his work he smiled to himself to think what a pitiful job he had done on the first wall, the plastering of which now seemed to him to have been done years ago. He was tempted to do the first wall over again but thought better of it because he had to get to work.

 2413. At work that day the finish coat of plaster was being applied. This was a section of plaster only so big as could be completely painted in one day. With fresco painting the finish coat takes one full day to dry, and during that time all of the painting on the new section of plaster must be completed. Even a day later it  is too late to make any changes and so everything must be in readiness for when the mason finishes the daily patch.

 2414. This being so, all of the extra masons were sent home and only one remained as that was sufficient to keep the artists occupied. Faldoni’s job was much simplified because he needed only to make the one batch of plaster mortar for the days work, and after that he was free to watch the work being done. He was not allowed to touch anything however because everything was organized down to the smallest details.

2415. All of the various drawings were laid out on tables the exact size of the finished work, and every single color had been mixed up in advance for all of the various flesh tones, all of the landscape colors, and all of the colors of the clothing and drapery down to the darkest shadows and the brightest highlights.

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