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Monday, November 25, 2013

Faldoni, parts 2460 - 2463

 2460. Faldoni peered down into the remote recesses of that hard-headed brain of his looking in vain for an image to paint a picture of, but even in the most obscure corners of his mind there was not a single image he could call his own. 

 2461. There were images in his mind of course, but every one of them belonged to someone else, and had a signature, so to speak, or as we would say now, they had a copy-write. The best he could do was picture one of the paintings of his master that he had seen in another nearby church.

 2462. Having pictured these other paintings to himself, he attempted to alter those images in his minds eye, but his alterations were so painfully inadequate that the original image quickly restored itself in his head. So, with every thing in readiness he put off beginning to work. Waiting patiently for the good Lord to put some pictures into his head for him.

2463. Just as a test however, he plastered a small section of his cell, right in the middle of the back wall. He plastered a patch only about one foot square. Earlier in the day he had mixed up a few colors, even though he did not have any idea what he would paint. But that was how the master did it, so he did the same thing.

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