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Friday, November 15, 2013

Faldoni, parts 2420 - 2423

 2420. It is necessary to say something about this business of, “Grinding up.” It is an idea that is almost impossible for a modern artist to comprehend. I invite you to make a visit to an art supply store, and have a look at the section where the tubes of paint are displayed.

 2421. You might take down from the shelf a tube of ultramarine blue. You will recall that we devoted an entire anecdote to talking about this color because in the Renaissance the materials used to create this pigment, and the labor involved was so costly that it was worth its weight in gold. 

 2422. Ultramarine blue is no longer so valuable, as a matter of fact, the famous color can be had for a few dollars a tube. It is a little more expensive that the cheapest earth colors but not by much. But five hundred years ago the creation of that blue was so time consuming and convoluted that the production of it was given to an apprentice almost as a punishment.

2423. I am going to copy out the directions for the creation of ultramarine blue for you.  I will not give the complete directions because it would take too long, what follows is just a portion of the instructions, because I would like you to see what Faldoni’s task was like.

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