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Friday, November 1, 2013

Grandmother, parts 2364 - 2367

 2364. It is hard to admire the individual who as vanquished himself, the word “lobotomy” comes to mind.   So we should not be surprised that Grandmother could not decide what she should do. How was she to decide what to do about Coromo, if the voices in her head could reach no consensus? 

 2365. She did the only thing a sane person can do in such a circumstance. She flipped a coin. She said to herself, “Heads Coromo goes, and tails, he stays.” The coil landed in her palm tails up; she looked at the coin and decided then and there to do the opposite of what the coin said. She decided to give Coromo his papers, Gods and coins be dammed. The explanation of this reversal is easy to understand; Grandmother was losing her mind.

 2366. So the next time Coromo visited his Grandmother she handed him a cigar-box full of odds and ends that had once belonged to him; objects that had been long forgotten. There was a wrist watch he had when he was five years old. It was not exactly a watch, but just the band and the watch-case with the back and the mechanism removed. It was given to him by a neighbor. He chose it from an assortment of costume jewelry that years ago had once resided in another cardboard box. 

2367. The watch that could tell no time was his favorite possession and he consulted it constantly over a two week period but then, when he lost interest in it, his Grandmother put it away, that was the start of her collection.

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