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Monday, January 6, 2014

Faldoni, parts 2628 - 2631

2628. In the end perfection is only attained by the endless accumulation of accidents and mishaps, and can unfortunately never be the result of deliberate design or intent. 

2629. What all this meant for Faldoni can be seen in one small event that happened when a large mural had been completed by the master and he assembled his students around him and asked them to offer him criticism and advice about the finished painting.

2630. The vain master did not actually want any advice at all, he was just expecting to hear a series of laudatory comments and slavish praise from his admiring students but on this occasion it did not work out as he expected. Nobody found any fault with the painting, except for the pigment grinder. Faldoni just happened to notice a small discrepancy in the arrangement of the clothing of some of the figures.

2631. It was a very minor fault to be sure, and it would have been very inappropriate for him to point it out or to mention it since it was so slight a mistake. To mention a mistake like that would not have seemed helpful, but more on the order of pointless faultfinding over insignificant details.

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