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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Faldoni, parts 2640 - 2643

 2640. What happened next was that both the Master and the apprentices demanded that Faldoni explain himself, and he was formally invited to approach the picture and point out the faults he thought he had discovered. Nobody expected him to say anything of any consequence, but they made room for him and gave him the floor, the better to laugh at him.

 2641. At first Faldoni stood with his head cast down and said nothing in consternation and embarrassment but then, overcome by the same inexplicable force that had caused him to point at the painting in the first place, his drew himself up, took a deep breath and said.

2642. “The feet and the shoes and the socks of the figures in this group do not correspond to the jackets, vests and other clothing,” he blurted out.  What Faldoni was pointing out was a detail of one of those complicated figurative scenes full of men, horses, and dogs all in a procession. Each figure had a characteristic pattern of color for their clothing based on the heraldry of the person represented.


2643. It just so happened that some figures standing behind some horses could be seen to have reversed their clothing, so to speak, because in the upper portion of the painting a person with a tan and blue vestment ended up with orange and purple socks down next to the horse’s hooves.

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