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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Faldoni, parts 2676 - 2679

 2676. Pardon me for almost completely forgetting Faldoni. We left him pointing at the mistake in the master's painting, the mistake having to do with a mix up of the clothing of some characters in the master’s large figurative painting. I am sure you remember.

 2677. Isn’t it interesting how a casual comment made in passing, if it calls attention to some obvious circumstance nobody has noticed, is capable of altering a persons status among his contemporaries, but only if the observation is unique, and not some interesting observation someone has overheard  and tries to retail as their own. Faldoni’s observation fell into this category simply because it was made on the spot, so to speak. 

 2678. It was an observation that could never have existed in anyone else’s mind at any time, if belonged exclusively to Faldoni. It was just a few words made in passing, but it transformed his relationship to that community. In grudging acceptance of Faldoni’s new status, he was given serious painting chores to do on a large painting that was just beginning.

2679. His new job was going to be another repetitive, time consuming and boring job nobody else wanted to do. He had to paint all of the geometric border decorations that run around the edges of the paintings being done in the church. This job, hardly any different from grinding pigments, or mixing up the mortar, was avoided by everyone else but Faldoni considered it a great honor.

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