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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Faldoni, parts 2724 - 2727

 2724. Try, even though it is a physical impossibility, to keep your eyes fixed on one point right in the center of the blue square. Your eyes will complain and try to sneak off to take a glimpse at the border of the square, or even attempt to look away for a second to peer out the window, but force you eyes back to the middle of the square and keep them there. I  know it is hard, but just do it for one full minute.

 2725. At the end of one minute close your eyes and cover them with your hands and make a mental note of what you seem to be seeing. You will see an orange square. At first you will see nothing but blackness but after several seconds the orange square will begin to glow in your mind’s eye. It is not your imagination or an optical illusion as some describe it. It is an after image causes by the machinery of your retina continuing to vibrate after the stimulus has been removed.

 2726. It is like when your car is hot and you shut off the engine and for a few seconds it continues to run, and then finally shuts down. The fact that your car runs on for a while is called “dieseling.” The after image in your eye when your eyes are closed is like the car continuing to run for a while after it is shut off.

2727. Since the orange square is something one sees when one’s eyes are closed it is natural to think that it is a subjective, personal and private phenomena unique to the individual, but it is not subjective, it is universal. You can’t compare it to the hearing of voices or the having of hallucinations. But still, anything we see with the eyes closed has something unreal and magical about it.

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