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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Faldoni, parts 2636 - 2639

 2636. I would like you to picture Faldoni as he appeared at this fateful moment in his so far uneventful life. If we were making a movie of the scene, perhaps the camera man might suggest that we look at the scene from above in-order to get a true feeling for the moment.

 2637. At the far left is the wall on which is the completed painting, and in front of it stands the master just like a teacher standing in front of his blackboard. A few feet away, all in a group, stand the assistants or apprentices as they were called at that time, and they are all facing the master and slightly hunched forward in their concentration. 

 2638. Further away across the room sits Faldoni all by himself, and we see him at that moment when he is stretching out his arm involuntarily and pointing at the masters painting. He sits a few feet in front of his pigment grinding table all alone in the middle of a large space.

2639. This scene illustrates Faldoni’s life. He had left his pigment grinding position in life, and he is closer to the group of which he is not, and can never be a part. His gesture of pointing, seen in this way from above, appears to be accusatory, as if he was pointing out a crime that someone has committed.

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